Battlefield 2142: Northern Strike

Remember Battlefield 2142? EA shut off the servers for DICE's sci-fi shooter two years ago. But now, determined fans have revived the game - and thousands are playing.

Battlefield 2142 update adds free maps

Battlefield 2142 update adds free maps

Northern Strike DLC now open to all.

The latest Battlefield 2142 update makes the Northern Strike booster pack free to all players, developer DICE has announced.

First released back in 2007 to measured Eurogamer acclaim, the DLC adds ten new unlocks, three new maps, two new vehicles and a new Conquest-esque mode called Assault Lines.

On top of that, DICE is adding in a few fan-made maps and a number of minor gameplay tweaks too. You can see the full list of changes below.

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DICE doing five Battlefield games

Including a "core" console title.

DICE exec Ben Cousins has confirmed that the team is currently working on no less than five titles in its Battlefield franchise, according to

EA fixing Battlefield servers

Expects them up around midday.

Those of you experiencing problems when trying to play Battlefield 2, 1942 and 2142 online will be pleased to know that EA is aware of the problem, and normal service should resume around midday.

Battlefield 2142: Northern Strike

Battlefield 2142: Northern Strike

Insert protesting miners joke here.

I'm sure there's some deep, underlying psychological explanation as to why I always play Support class in Battlefield games. Integral to the team effort Support may be, but he's basically a walking ammo box - the rest of the squad's caddy, expected to come running when his more highly-regarded fellows run out of armour-piercing balls.

It'd be quite humiliating, if it wasn't for the really big gun I get - and the fact that faithfully doling out replacement bullets wins me points at an incredible rate. The point is, whether I'm everyone else's lapdog or not, I'm basically roleplaying, because that's the sort of game Battlefield 2142 has become. This first mini-expansion pack may have a couple of extra maps and vehicles, but, like its parent, actually it's about picking a role and sticking to it, and grinding to earn experience points which can then be spent on new abilities that might give me an edge over other players.

It's The Burning Crusade, but with hovertanks, glass skyscrapers and team-killing.

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