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Battlefield 3 Easter Egg points to Battlefield 2143

Battlefield 2142 sequel on the cards?

An eagle-eyed gamer has spotted what looks like a hint that EA plans to launch a Battlefield 2142 sequel.

An Easter Egg on Battlefield 3 map Wake Island, which comes with the Back to Karkand expansion, shows the number 2143 scrawled on a wall.

As BF3blog points out, DICE has a habit of dropping hints at future games into existing ones. In 2006 it included Easter Eggs in Battlefield 2: Euro Forces and Armoured Fury map packs that hinted at a new game called 2142. That game, a PC exclusive, launched the same year the Easter Eggs emerged.

2142, which launched after Battlefield 2, was a science-fiction multiplayer-focused first-person shooter developed by DICE and published by EA. It was set in the 22nd century during a new ice age. Military superpowers the European Union and Pan Asian Coalition go at it.