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Battlefield 2142 on the way

Video online.

EA and newly purchased pals Digital Illusions are planning another Battlefield game, which features in the latest US edition of PC Gamer.

As you can see, the vid backs up speculation that DICE is doing a futuristic Battlefield 2142, set in the aftermath of an apocalyptic climate shift that blankets the world in ice again.

This time the warring factions will be the last dregs of humanity fighting over the few remaining habitable scraps of land, the vid suggests - and thankfully someone found the time in the next 150 or so years to develop mech walkers, hoverships and invisible armour to make war a bit more unusual and interesting.

The video claims the game is out in autumn this year. EA has so far said nothing on the subject, but presumably mag scans will hit the net in due course. We'll let you know more when we do. In the meantime, what would you like to see in a futuristic Battlefield game? Apart from the Strogg.