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Battlefield 2142 demo

Conquest and Titan modes.

Electronic Arts and Digital Illusions have released a playable demo for Battlefield 2142, which is due out on PC on 20th October.

The demo (a hefty 1106MB) features the Sidi Power Plant map playable with the European Union and Pan Asian Coalition armies.

As well as being playable in up-to-64-player Conquest mode, which will be instantly familiar to Battlefield fans, the map's also available to try in new Titan mode.

Titan, which supports up to 48 players, sees both teams trying to destroy each other's MK-1 Titan while protecting their own.

And if you're not interested in actually playing it, but have some processor cycles to spare on a hefty Internet connection, you might fancy hosting the dedicated server.

Look out for our BF2142 review, like the game itself, in the near future.