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BF2 patch delayed

They found a bug.

EA has walked back the Spanish announcement that Battlefield 2's 1.4 patch would be released yesterday, revealing that a problem discovered during "final processing" led to an unexpected delay.

"As many of you are now aware we have made the choice to take some extra time with the 1.4 patch before release," said an EA community bod sweeping low over the internet. "During our standard final processing of the 1.4 client update we came across an issue that, although it does not compromise stability, we felt needed to be addressed in order to meet our goal of improving the overall player experience," the statement continued, before rolling into an advisory about the dangers of downloading beta patches.

Expect more information on the 1.4 patch, which Comcast will certainly be waiting for as it includes their sponsored Road to Jalalabad map, and its contents in due course. One thing you can emulate now without the need to wait is the "no-vehicles" server setting. To experience this, walk.