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PSP cases: the spring collection

Still no release date or price. But look! Here's a selection of, er, lovely cases to put the thing you don't own in! Including one that extends battery life.

Okay, so you can't buy a PSP in Europe at the moment, or for some considerable time by all accounts, but those of you who have an import may be interested to know that there is a wide range of fetching cases available. From abroad, obviously.

First up we have the Waterproof Case from Japanese designers Div - essential for all your bathing-whilst-gaming needs. It'll make sure that not a drop of H2O sullies your handheld's circuits, though there's no guarantee it's sharkproof. Or that it will ever actually be available in shops. Rather like... Oh, never mind.

If you prefer playing games on dry land, why not consider the PSP Silicone Jacket from Power Support. It's just like that iPod one - a rubbery sleeve that fits snugly round your machine, leaving holes for the necessary sockets.

It's also got a transparent display cover made of high-grade plastic so clear you won't even know it's there. And it offers a less bulky way of protecting your unit and its precious screen than Sony's official purse-like thing. It'll be available shortly from US company Power Support, priced around $35.

Also coming to US stores this May is the PSP Charger Case from Nyko. It's got a built-in lithium ion battery to add an extra five hours of play time, and works with the official PSP AC adaptor. When you plug it in it'll recharge your PSP's battery first, then the add-on, and always uses up the case battery's power before the console's. Smart. EB Games are taking pre-orders at $59.99.

Finally, if you've always wanted to look like a secret agent or international superstar DJ, sort of, there's the PSP Flight Case from Intec. It comes as part of the Pro Gamer's Kit, which also includes a screen protector, strap, in-car adaptor and UMD case, and costs $29.99 from Amazon's US site.

So there you have it, this season's must-have PSP cases. Now all we need is something to put in them...

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