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Lost Planet in January

Simultaneously worldwide.

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Good news for those of you looking forward to Capcom's second big-huge Xbox 360 exclusive, third-person action title Lost Planet - we'll be getting it at the same time as everyone else.

"The plan is for a worldwide simultaneous release in January," a spokesperson for the publisher told us this morning, after producer Jun Takeuchi said last week that the game would ship "globally this winter" - noting a January date but not specifying its internationality to our pedantic satisfaction.

That's likely to come as good news to those of you who've been tearing your hair out instead of the other-people's-brains you'd rightly be tearing out if Capcom's first big-huge 360 exclusive, Dead Rising, had been released here at the same time it came out in the US. As it was, them-over-there got it on August 8th and we're left waiting until this coming Friday.

Back to Lost Planet though, and Takeuchi, speaking to GameSpot, also reaffirmed its big-huge-exclusivity. "We have no plans at this time of porting to or developing for another console, as this would potentially dilute the final product," he said, matter-of-factly. Then again, we've heard that sort of thing before - and Takeuchi admits that these things are always under review.

So anyway, look forward to LP in January. And if you've not already, you can have a go at it on Xbox Live, where a single-player demo showcasing a pair of contrasting levels has been available since May. The full game will also feature multiplayer, which was demoed for the first time in Leipzig last month.

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