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Prey demo on Xbox 360

Game's out this month.

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Microsoft has finally posted the Xbox 360 demo of 3D Realms' Prey on Marketplace.

Weighing in at around 1.17GB, it gives 360 owners a taste of the first-person shooter that Human Head and Venom Games have been developing for PC and 360 respectively.

A PC demo made it out last month, weighing in at a slightly more friendly 430MB.

Since then the game's been finished off and given a release date of July 14th on both PC and 360 - which is a few short days after the US release.

Those of you interested in the 360 version might also want to check out the list of achievements you can unlock in the game - although bear in mind you'll be faced with light spoilers.

Prey puts you in the role of Tommy Hawk, a Native American garage mechanic who's abducted by aliens - and it's up to you to traverse the alien spaceship, save your girlfriend and sort out this alien lot once and for all.

Look out for our review nearer release.

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