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LMA 2005 premium data update

£3 gets adds all the latest stat updates and player moves to LMA Manager 2005 - and is available on PS2 Online and Xbox Live.

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Fans of LMA Manager 2005 on PS2 and Xbox who wish the game could reflect current squads and stats at this late stage of the football season will be pleased to learn that Codemasters has made a data update available over PS2 Online and Xbox Live this week priced £3. Well, they may not be pleased about the £3 bit, but it's probably better value than £6 million for James Beattie - one of the many transfers observed and incorporated in the update.

In something of a first, the update is available via both PS2 Online and Xbox Live. All you have to do is choose Online on PS2 or Xbox Live in the Xbox version and follow the prompts. Codies is even planning to re-release the PS2 version on 25th March incorporating the update, so newcomers will be able to get right on board with current teams.

In terms of what it changes, the update takes into account all the player moves and stat updates up to the end of the January transfer window. In other words, Gravesen's kicking shins at Madrid and Morientes is wondering where the midfield is at Liverpool, while improved players like Dean Ashton at Norwich are noticeably better. And Delia Smith is probably drunk.

Still, at least she didn't lose a cup final at the weekend. Sniff.

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