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Xbox SpikeOut in late 2004?

Cult Sega fun.

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Better late than never, Sega Amusement Vision's Toshihiro Nagoshi has told Famitsu Weekly in Japan that an Xbox version of classic arcade slugfest SpikeOut is on track for release later this year.

Cult favourite SpikeOut gathered many fans when it was released on Model 3 hardware to arcades in 1997, largely thanks to its four-cabinet link-up co-operative mode and carefully balanced combat.

An Xbox version dubbed SpikeOut Extreme was originally announced last year, but this is the first we've heard of it since then. Word back then, incidentally, was that the game would feature Xbox Live support, although if Mr. Nagoshi mentioned any online modes in his recent Famitsu interview then word didn't make it much further.

Source - 1UP

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