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BioShock dev slams EA

Swearing and everything!

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Irrational Games boss Ken Levine has revealed that one of the reasons there was no System Shock 3 is that "EA just didn't give a s*** about that game".

Levine had put together a story design, but he wasn't keen on following through with EA, he told PC Gamer US.

"I think if EA were to do it, it would've been just a regular first-person shooter with a boss monster at the end."

That's because they "didn't see it as a big brand" - something that, conveniently enough, new publishing pals 2K Games did.

"We have a publisher who cares about this game, and they believe in this kind of game," Levine continued, switching his attention back to BioShock.

"2K Games is the company that helped reinvigorate Elder Scrolls and Civilization. They believe in core games."

BioShock is due out on PC and Xbox 360. It's rapturous, we said after E3. Silly us.

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