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New Soulcalibur V characters announced

Ivy, Natsu, Zwei.

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Project Soul has announced three new characters for upcoming fighting game Soulcalibur V.

They are Zwei, Natsu and series stalwart Ivy, now 49-years-old.

Producer Hisaharu "Heath" Tago said on the PlayStation Blog that fans need not worry about Ivy's age – she stopped ageing at 32. "In a way, her eternal existence is promised," Tago said.

Natsu, on the other hand, is only 17. She's an apprentice of Taki, and focuses on speed and evasive manoeuvres. "After you use Natsu, you can discard any prejudice you may have that she is simply a replacement for Taki," Tago said, before confirming Taki is still alive.

And finally, the mysterious Zwei. His short sword is not his main method of attack, Tago said, mysteriously. "The clue is Zwei means 'two' in German. Does that mean there must be a 'one' as well?"

A new gameplay trailer showing off the triumvirate is expected soon.

In May Project Soul said it wanted Soulcalibur V to have at least 26 characters – half new and half returning.

The main character this time is Patroklos, son of Sophitia. Like his mum, he uses a short sword and the Arcadia Shield.

SCV is set 17 years after SCIV. Siegfried, who is 40-years-old, uses the Requiem weapon he used in SCI and SCII.

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