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New PSP update introduces Skype

And Go!Messenger icon in readiness.

Sony has released a new software update for PSP that allows owners of the Slim & Lite model to make phone calls via Skype.

To use the service, you'll need to install update 3.90, complete the registration process and arm yourself with a headset and remote control. Then you can make free calls over the Internet to Skype users around the globe - there are more than 200 million now, apparently. You can also make paid-for calls to landline and mobile phones.

But bad news, old skoolers - the original 1000 series PSPs won't support Skype.

They will, however, support Go!Messenger, a new service which will allow all PSP owners to make video and voice calls. Update 3.90 will install a Go!Messenger icon on your handheld, but the service isn't going live until the end of February. Expect more details before then.

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