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New Final Fantasy game for Wii and DS

It's for real, confirms Square Enix.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Square Enix has confirmed to Eurogamer that a new Final Fantasy title is coming to Wii and DS.

As reported by Gamekyo, news of the game emerged in this month's Shonen Jump magazine.

It's said to be titled Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time. Depending on how you say it, sounds like a Samuel Taylor Coleridge poem or a Gabrielle lyric.

Either way, the game will apparently be playable on both machines at once, thanks to the spiffing new Pollux engine. So, whilst whoever is the best negotiator/fighter/Wii owner is playing on the big screen, another lucky adventurer can wade in on the DS, presumably following around and summoning Ifrit on their elder siblings. This harks back to the series' origins on DS, with the first CC game enjoying the relative splendour of Gamecube/GBA link up play.

Game mechanics will differ slightly, to accommodate the stylus and Wii remote, but the core gameplay is expected to stay pretty faithful.

Mii characters will also feature, and could potentially be transferable to the DS version too. Early reports that Nintendo is considering an emo-haircut expansion patch for the Mii creator are completely made up.

Commenting on the Shonen Jump report a Square Enix representative told Eurogamer, "It's not "officially" announced yet, but yes, it's for real."

We understand that the title is categorically not a replacement for FF: Crystal Bearers, which is still being released.

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