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New developer kit from Microsoft improves Xbox Series S memory


A new game development kit (GDK) for the Xbox Series S will "optimise" the console's memory allocation, Microsoft has revealed.

"Hundreds of additional megabytes of memory are now available to Xbox Series S developers," explained the game dev team in a new video (see below) all about the GDK's updates (thanks, The Verge).

Microsoft says this will give developers "more control over memory", and as such will allow for "[improved] graphics performance in memory-constrained conditions." So, good news indeed.

Microsoft chats GDKs.

These memory constraints have been an issue since the console's launch, and something that has been highlighted by the Digital Foundry team in the past. We're looking forward to hearing what they have to say about this.

Meanwhile, earlier this week, Microsoft began Insider testing for its Xbox Game Pass family plan.

This Xbox Insider trial version of the scheme will enable anyone with a special Insider Preview Game Pass plan to invite up to four people to share that subscription, with each one then gaining unique access to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate's full selection of games, content, and benefits.

However, at the time of writing, this trial is only available to those in Colombia and Ireland.

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