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Netflix show Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness will be part of video game "canon"

By a Wesker.

Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness will be a "canon" addition to Capcom's survival horror saga, Netflix has said, while revealing our best look yet at its versions of series protagonists Claire Redfield and Leon S. Kennedy.

The CG-animated series is set to debut on Netflix at some point in 2021, and chronicle a new adventure for the Resident Evil 2 stars.

Floppy-haired Leon looks as dashing as ever in leather, while Claire wears her typical red jacket, most recently seen in last year's great Resident Evil 2 remake.

So, when is this new series set? If we're guessing, Leon looks closer in age to his appearance in Resident Evil 6 - so perhaps after that? He was left out of Resident Evil 7, while the upcoming Resident Evil Village (aka Resi 8) appears to be yet another Chris Redfield joint. It'd be nice to catch up with the series' better protagonist again.

Infinite Darkness is the first of several new Resident Evil TV and movie projects on the way. Netflix is also prepping a Stranger Things-sounding live-action series starring a bunch of kids with a very familiar surname.

Separate to Netflix's efforts, the production company behind those Milla Jovovich films is mounting a big screen reboot designed to begin "a new universe inspired by storylines and characters" of the games. The plan is to start with a retelling of Resident Evil 1 with a new, young cast. Canon, that is not.