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The Eurogamer TV Show launches

Episode one available now. Guess where.

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It's the Internet television event of the year!

ASIDE: What's that you're doing? With your hands? What is that moving together of palms with fingers arched upwards followed by an excellent impression of a cylindrical cardboard object intended to convey?

Oh! Oh I see! Right, let's try again.

It's the Internet television event of this afternoon!

(And it's certainly the Internet television event of the year that you didn't know you'd been waiting for.)

But enough banter! Prefaced by special reports from E3 in May, and delivered for free to your eyes, this is episode one of the Eurogamer TV Show.

Well, this is. (Nothing like a well-managed reveal, is there? Or, in this case, is it?)

With a little help from the likes of Peters Moore, Jackson and Molyneux (well, you can see him watching Jackson anyway), Cliff Bleszinski, Takashi Sensui, and developers working on Halo Wars, Sonic The Hedgehog, Assassin's Creed and Alone in the Dark, Eurogamer TV's Johnny Minkley, Eurogamer TV's James Hills and Eurogamer TV's Johnny Minkley's worrying-Mario-boxer-shorts reel loquaciously across the landscape of gaming, from the verbiage of Ken Kutaragi's Tokyo Game Show keynote address, to the ruthless empiricism of Peter Moore's X06 declarations, covering all the key games in-between, and face to face.

Watch out too for Eurogamer's own Kristan Reed, Rob Fahey, trains, cosplayers, Akihabara, Ridge Racer, shrines, planes and mushrooms.

Let us know what you think. As with our podcast, we're keen to find out what you make of it so that we can adapt to better service your needs. And keep your eyes on for more exciting new programming in the near future, followed, with any luck, by a 1.7-billion-dollar buyout that makes everybody else on the Internet cry a bit.

And so for more... - hey, first time I'll get to use this in the correct context! - stay tuned.

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