Ridge Racer


VideoVideo: Five Amazing Launch Titles

A celebration of great games past.

Ridge Racer

Let's go round again.

Ridge Racers

All is forgiven.

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22nd February 2012

Ridge Racer Vita Review

19th September 2011

Vita Launch Line-up

31st August 2005

Ridge Racer

24th December 2004

Ridge Racers

Digital Foundry20 years of PlayStation: the Ridge Racer revolution

Digital Foundry revisits the PS1 game-changer - and talks with its developer.

FeatureRidge Racer retrospective

Youuuuuuuuu're the greatest!

VideoVideo: Five Amazing Launch Titles

A celebration of great games past.

Kaz Hirai's SCE leaving gifts: a bunch of flowers and a custom PS3

Sony throws a party in Mr. Ridge Racer's honour.

Daytona DLC to invade Ridge Racer Vita

Sega wheels out classic car, Namco turns up the music.

Ridge Racer Vita Review

Dole position.

PlayStation Vita games: where's cheapest?

Eurogamer investigates the best prices for Vita's launch line-up.

Sony explains PlayStation Vita game price strategy

Admits "sweetening the deal" on 3G hardware for US and Europe.

Ridge Racer Vita premium DLC revealed

Add to the 3 tracks and 5 cars, for a price.

Ridge Racer Vita only offers 3 tracks, 5 cars

30fps, post-launch DLC also confirmed.

Namco announces 3 Vita launch games

Katamari, Ridge Racer, Shinobido lined up.

FeatureVita Launch Line-up

The best - and more interesting - of Sony's day one releases.

18 unannounced Vita games set for TGS

Plus three unannounced PS3 games.

Ridge Racer for PlayStation Vita

Why didn't Kaz Hirai say so?

New Riiidge Racer on the way for iPhone

Due out this month, reports Famitsu.

Ridge Racer

Let's go round again.

Ridge Racers

All is forgiven.