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New copies of PlayStation Vita Ridge Racer come with Gold Pass

UPDATE: Namco details Vita demos, app.

UPDATE: Namco has announced plans to launch a PlayStation Vita app featuring information on its upcoming games, including Shinobido 2: Revenge of Zen and Touch My Katamari. Both titles will receive demo versions and will be supported by both free and premium DLC after launch.

ORIGINAL STORY: Fresh copies of Ridge Racer on PlayStation Vita will, for a limited time, include a "Ridge Racer Gold Pass" that unlocks free downloadable content.

The Gold Pass will be packaged in an unspecified number of Ridge Racer boxes. Digital versions of the game, meanwhile, will run out of the Pass on 31st March.

After that, you'll need to pony up €6.99 (about £5.90) for the content, MCV reports.

The Pass grants access to five extra cars, three more courses and some extra music.

A second paid-for DLC drop is also already on the horizon. The Ridge Racer Silver Pass is due in April for €5.99 (about a fiver).

Ridge Racer launches alongside the PlayStation Vita in UK shops on 22nd February.

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