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Multiplay unveils i33 tournament

LAN parties back in fashion.

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LAN tournaments are back in fashion with Multiplay unveiling its yearly monster i33 gathering.

Like some sort of time warp, you can pack up your PC, drive to Newbury Racecourse and play games with 1500 others. The event runs from 21st to 24th March - around 80 hours of gaming.

Oh, but you will need to spend GBP 80 to participate, or less (GBP 30) if you use one of their computers. Which sounds bonkers. Or you can stand and watch for GBP 10.

The reason you pay all this is so you can win it in big tournaments, with EUR 10,000 up for grabs on Counter-Strike: Source or EUR 6000 for Call of Duty 4.

Elsewhere you can compete on 360 pods at Halo 3, or try and win on Unreal Tournament 3, Team Fortress 2 and World in Conflict.

Sleeping arrangements are camping or sleeping on the floor, and there is a bar and you can eat pizza and there are freebies and exhibitions and quizzes and talks and presentations.

Horses will probably not be allowed to take part.

Head over to the i33 website for more information on how to get involved. If you really want to.

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