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More Rock Band 2 rumours emerge

Could be out as early as November.

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Numerous reports suggest MTV and Harmonix are hard at work on a sequel to Rock Band, with some retailer databases suggesting it could be out as early as November this year.

The first sightings were from online focus groups testing things such as price and features as well as box art choices, according to Joystiq.

Following this were obituaries for the late guitar hero Bo Diddley, claiming his cigar box-shaped guitar will be featured in Rock Band 2, presumably as an in-game unlockable rather than a peripheral.

Rock Band was released on Xbox 360 and PS3 in the US last November, with a PS3 version following in December and Wii version out this month.

Europe has so far only been treated to the Xbox 360 edition, with PS3 and other versions to follow later in the year.

It costs rather a lot at GBP 180 for the game plus instruments - guitar, microphone, drums, but is among the most fun you can have with four people in the same room. Head over to our Rock Band review to find out why.

Distributor EA has been contacted for comment.

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