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Monster Hunter Rise's first major post-launch update bringing new monsters in April

HR cap will be unlocked too.

Monster Hunter Rise has only just arrived on Switch, but already Capcom is talking up the game's first major post-launch update. Version 2.0, as it's known, will release toward the end of April, bringing new monsters, an unlocked HR cap, and more.

As confirmed on the game's official website, Monster Hunter Rise's first Free Title Update will expand the current creature roster by welcoming in Chameleos - a mist-themed Elder Dragon that debuted in 2006's Monster Hunter 2. This, incidentally, is the same upcoming monster referred to as Onazuchi by the game's Japanese Twitter feed.

Chameleos will be joined by "several" additional new monsters in April's Version 2.0 update, one of which will be the Apex Rathalos, as revealed at the end of Rise's launch trailer below.

Cover image for YouTube videoMonster Hunter Rise - Launch Trailer | Nintendo Switch
Monster Hunter Rise - Launch Trailer.

That's not quite the end of it either; Capcom has also announced it'll be unlocking Rise's HR cap (which currently stops at HR7) alongside "related features" as part of April's Free Title Update - although its exact plans for Rise's end-game are still unknown.

Once Monster Hunter Rise's Version 2.0 has been released, additional updates - promising more new monsters and other features - will follow. Capcom is yet to share specifics but it's unlikely to be long before we hear more.