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Monaco creator working on fix to secure XBLA release

UPDATE: It will be out this week on XBLA.

Update: Monaco will be out on XBLA on 10th May, according to the official Twitter feed. Hurrah!

Original story: Monaco, the wonderful 2D steal-'em-up we awarded 9/10, still isn't out on Xbox 360. The game launched last week as planned on PC, but was pulled at the last minute from Xbox Live Arcade.

Creator Andy Schatz took to Facebook to address concern about the status of the XBLA version, explaining that a bug was discovered that forced Microsoft to delay its release.

"As most of you know, we caught a bug that forced us to pull the release of the Xbox version of the game the day before release," Schatz wrote.

"It was a minor but important bug that was causing disconnects in online play. I submitted an update to attempt to fix the bug early in the week, but unfortunately it only half fixed the problem."

Schatz is working on another fix that he hopes to submit to Microsoft this week. Assuming it fixes the bug, "it shouldn't take long to push it through and get the game out."

"I can't promise any particular dates since I don't control that end of things, but I do know that fans are starting to get a little impatient with the lack of information," Schatz added.

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