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Molyneux's next game to show at GDC?

It'll be "politically contentious" if it does.

Two years ago he said he'd be "killed to death" if he revealed what Lionhead was working on besides Fable 2, but now it sounds like veteran developer Peter Molyneux may get his chance as soon as the Game Developers Conference in March.

Speaking to Kikizo, Molyneux reportedly said that the game could be unveiled at GDC, but that Microsoft wants "shock and awe" when the wraps are whipped off, so the timing is not yet set in stone.

However, he did continue to talk about the game he can't talk about, despite his obvious agony at having to generalise. It's "unbelievably ambitious", "there's nothing else remotely like it ever before", and "this will be really, politically contentious". We only hope it has another dog in it. Our Fable one's called Boris.

Molyneux has also hinted recently that Fable will probably continue. "We've got plans for Fables 3, 4 and 5 actually," he said at E3.

In the meantime, however, there's the small matter of Fable 2, due out next Friday, 24th October. You can catch up on our most recent impressions on the Fable 2 gamepage, and look out for our review a few days before release.

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