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Molyneux: we can't use Curiosity name because of NASA

Industry icon appeals to Twitter for help choosing new moniker.

UPDATE: Molyneux has issued a statement on the name change to Eurogamer's mobile-focused site Modojo, insisting that a lack of traction on Google prompted the move.

"The name change is prompted by the need to have something simple to search for in Google. This worked well for 'Curiosity' but since NASA: Curiosity is now obviously generating a lot of interest we need to change the name."

ORIGINAL STORY: Peter Molyneux's recently-delayed Curiosity is facing a last-minute name change, according to Twitter messages from the industry icon this afternoon.

Curiosity shares its name with NASA's Mars rover, currently trundling around the red planet examining rocks.

"Humm there is a problem [with] the name Curiosity," Molyneux wrote on Twitter. "We can't use it because of NASA."

"I wonder what one word would sum up Curiosity: The Cube," he added.

The official Twitter account of Molyneux's 22Cans studio appeared to confirm the news.

"Due to NASA and the Martians we are wondering what we should officially name our first experiment Curiosity..." a message stated.

"Cuberosity," one follower replied. "Happy cubey tappy time", said another. We're sure Eurogamer readers can come up with better.

The cube-based social experiment was due to launch on the iOS App Store yesterday. Instead, we got a teaser trailer that indicated its release had been delayed until next month.

Goodness knows what Molydeux will have to say on the situation.

Peter Molyneux explains Curiosity on stage at Rezzed.

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