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Molydeux's fake Curiosity trailer from Microsoft is effing brilliant

Fiddy's in the mix!

Peter Molyneux doppelganger and satirist Peter Molydeux has created a phony trailer for his counterpart's ambitious Curiosity project supposedly put together by Microsoft.

Featuring plenty of explosions, purchasable skins based on ads, voice-chat, celebrity cameos and a PEGI 16 rating, this fake rough cut manages to turn even the most eccentric idea into a cheap marketing ploy.

"Not only were they showing my creation as it was not intended, but they were also trying to change the actual game design," said Molydeux on his Youtube page. "I cannot forgive them for this."

Curiosity is an upcoming iOS, Android and PC game in which players all over the world tap away at a cube made of 60 million smaller cubes. The lucky person who makes it to the center will be rewarded with something more "life changing," than receiving $50,000.

Now behold, the fake Curiosity trailer in all its sleazy splendor:

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