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Minecraft Dungeons hits 10m players

Cape it all.

Minecraft Dungeons has hit a total of 10 million players since launch in May 2020.

Mojang's Diablo-lite spin-off is surprisingly good fun, and well worth a bash on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PC, Xbox One and Series S/X. It is, of course, also available via Xbox Game Pass.

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To celebrate the achievement, Mojang will release a free cape and pet - items usually reserved for DLC owners - as part of the game's next update on 24th February.

The pet in question looks like a baby pig - hey, is that Reuben from Minecraft: Story Mode?

As Mojang detailed last night, the 24th February update includes the biggest free addition to the game yet. There's a new mode named Ancient Hunts, which are procedurally-generated jaunts through the Nether, and a new Piglin merchant in your camp where you can acquire endgame loot.

Season Pass holders for the game also get the Flames of the Nether expansion - which we detailed yesterday.

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