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Minecraft Live returns in October

Reveals! Interviews! Another community vote!

Minecraft Live - developer Mojang's annual livestream celebration of all things Minecraft - returns this year for another parade of block-based news and japery on Saturday, 16th October.

Specifics are somewhat limited at the moment - Mojang's announcement doesn't amount to much beyond a 'save the date' - but the developer is teasing appearances from "new and familiar faces" within the studio and Minecraft community for "in-depth interviews, exciting reveals, a nail-biting vote, and puns galore".

Last year's show saw the announcement of Minecraft's massive Caves & Cliffs update (which has since been split into two more manageable development chunks), and gave fans the opportunity to vote on the Minecraft Dungeons or Minecraft Earth mob they wanted to see introduced to the main game - with the exotic Glow Squid ultimately being the oceanic victor.

Minecraft Live 2021 - Announcement Trailer.Watch on YouTube

This year's Minecraft Live officially gets underway at 5pm in the UK/noon EDT on 16th October, but you might want to turn on early as pre-show activities are planned ahead of the main event. It'll be viewable on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch, and additional details are set to be revealed on the Minecraft Live website in the run-up to its arrival.

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