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Minecraft Dungeons' Flames of the Nether DLC out at the end of February

Alongside "most ambitious free update" yet.

Minecraft Dungeons, developer Mojang's enjoyable co-operative dungeon-crawler spin-off, will receive its fourth paid DLC - titled Flames of the Nether - later this month on 24th February.

Specifics are still a little thin on the ground, but Mojang says Flames of the Nether, which leads players on a journey to the heart of Minecraft's infamous otherworld, will feature six new missions across "familiar biomes as you've never seen before". Additionally, there're new artifacts, weapons, and gear to acquire, plus two new skins and an "adorable" Baby Ghast.

Flames of the Nether - which follows on from previous DLC offerings Jungle Awakens, Creeping Winter, and Howling Peaks - is the second paid content update to be released as part of Minecraft Dungeons' £17 Season Pass, but will also be available to purchase separately on launch day. It'll likely cost around £5 if previous DLC pricing is any indication.

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Flames of the Nether will arrive alongside a free content update that Mojang, writing in its latest blog post, calls "the most ambitious free update in Minecraft Dungeons history".

It introduces procedurally generated end-game missions known as Ancient Hunts that weave through the Nether. By defeating Ancient mobs and making it out alive, players can earn top-tier Gilded gear, alongside a new Gold currency to spend with the camp's new Piglin merchant.

Minecraft Dungeons' free update and the Flames of the Nether will be available on Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, and PC on 24th February.

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