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Minecraft collaborates with BBC Earth on Frozen Planet worlds

Play as a penguin!

BBC Earth and Minecraft have teamed up to create five free worlds based on new documentary series Frozen Planet 2.

For the first time ever, it offers a new perspective: players can explore the worlds as animals such as a penguin, bumblebee, and polar bear.

Players are tasked with documenting key animal behaviour to inform environmental research, mimicking that of natural history film-making researchers.

Cover image for YouTube videoFrozen Planet II | Trailer - BBC
Frozen Planet II | Trailer - BBC

The content is available for free in Minecraft: Education Edition, available in 29 different languages with accompanying lesson plans.

It will also be provided for free to Minecraft: Bedrock Edition players via the Minecraft Marketplace.

The first world is available from today, with further additions weekly.

Minecraft has long been used for education purposes. Mojang Studios believes it has a responsibility to use Minecraft to build a better world and inspire future generations on global citizenship and sustainability.

"One of the great things about the natural world is its power to engage and enthral viewers young and old. We are delighted to partner with Minecraft on this range of educational computer games which will enable children to interact with stories inspired by the series through gameplay, and learn more about the challenges of these habitats through the additional lesson content," said Frozen Planet 2 series producer Elizabeth White.

Allison Matthews, Head of Minecraft Education, added: "It's never been more crucial to educate players everywhere about the effects of climate change and inspire a new generation of young people around sustainability. We believe it's our responsibility to do so, and this partnership is the next big step in that direction."

Check out some screenshots of the Frozen Planet worlds below.

The full Frozen Planet ice world
A walrus in Minecraft Frozen Planet
Polar Bears in Minecraft Frozen Planet
Killer Whales in Minecraft Frozen Planet