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Microsoft won't ditch Games for Windows - Live for PC Xbox Live

I Windows 8 you.

Microsoft has reaffirmed that maligned PC service Games for Windows - Live service is here to stay.

Can we at least ditch the hyphen?

Quizzed by NeoGamr about possible discontinuation (via Rock, Paper, Shotgun), Microsoft responded: "Answer is no."

At least it's not raining. What's that?

And continued: "Microsoft continues to support the Games for Windows platform, but we are making new investments in Metro style games.

To this end, and "for the core PC gamer", Microsoft launched Age of Empires Online and Microsoft Flight. Count yourselves lucky.

Microsoft previewed Xbox Live functionality in Windows 8 earlier this year, causing everyone and their tech-savvy mothers to question whether the new PC operating system would need Games for Windows - Live at all.

Recently, Namco Bandai met huge resistance when Dark Souls PC was announced a Games for Windows - Live supporter. At the time of writing, 20,349 people have signed a petition to have GFWL removed from the game.

Dark Souls director and producer Hidetaka Miyazaki said at the weekend that "we are aware of the petition". Namco Bandai elaborated, suggesting "we might have another announcement" on the topic of Games for Windows - Live in the future.

The Release Dark Souls PC Edition Without Games for Windows - Live petition called Microsoft's service "unpopular", "difficult to use" and said it had "unreliable online support". Worse, "it is easily cracked by pirates".

Microsoft Flight is 'for the core PC gamer'.

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