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Microsoft confirms Xbox One adaptor for Xbox 360 headsets

Will be sold separately.

Microsoft has confirmed that it will release an Xbox 360 headset adaptor for use with Xbox One.

The company previously announced that it had changed the audio input port to a proprietary jack for its upcoming console, a move which leaves current headsets incompatible. The company then said that it was "working to develop" an adaptor.

"We will have an adapter that allows current gaming headsets to work," Microsoft marketing exec Albert Penello confirmed on Twitter (thanks, X360A).

The device will be sold separately from Xbox One consoles, Penello added. "It's an accessory," he described.

Alternatively you could buy a shiny new Xbox One headset. These will also be sold separately.

Microsoft isn't including a headset with Xbox One as you can use the included Kinect sensor to chat instead, the company previously reasoned.

PlayStation 4 continues to use the standard headphone jack in the console, and comes with a standard mono earpiece in the box.

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