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This is Halo in mixed reality

The Heretic.

Microsoft has revealed Halo Recruit, a short Halo-themed experience designed to show off mixed reality headsets.

The five-minute Halo experience was designed for the upcoming Windows Mixed Reality headsets. In a Halo Waypoint blogpost, 343 chief Kiki Wolfkill managed expectations by saying this isn't a game or even a part of a game, but "a fun little arcade experience".

Road to VR went hands-on with Halo Recruit and published gameplay to YouTube. It begins as an interactive encyclopedia of sorts, with Guilty Spark introducing you to Covenant enemies such as the Grunts and the Elites. Halo Recruit then turns into an old-school shooting gallery when you pick up a couple of handguns and shoot waves of cardboard cutout enemies who appear on screen. At the end of the game you get a rank. At one point Cortana pops up. It's all very basic.

You can try Halo Recruit in Microsoft Stores and as a free download from the Windows Store on 17th October, but you will need a Windows Mixed Reality headset to play. On that point, Samsung just announced its mixed reality headset, dubbed the HMD Odyssey. It costs $500 and comes out in November.

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