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Metroid Prime 4 gets gorgeous first gameplay trailer - and it's out next year

Samus it ever was.

A shot from the Metroid Prime 4: Beyond trailer showing Samus Aran striking a hero pose after twirling through the air and landing dramatically on one knee.
Image credit: Nintendo/Eurogamer

After a long old wait, Nintendo's hugely anticipated sci-fi shooter sequel Metroid Prime 4 has re-surfaced - bringing with it a gorgeous first gameplay trailer, a new 'Beyond' subtitle, and confirmation it's launching next year.

Metroid Prime 4 was, of course, first announced all the way back in 2017, almost a decade after the launch of Metroid Prime 3: Corruption on Wii. Nintendo eventually confirmed it was was being developed by Bandai Namco - but 2019 brought the news the project had "not reached the standard" Nintendo sought and was being rebooted from scratch, this time with original Metroid Prime developer Retro Studios at the helm.

Since then, updates have been scarce, but now - during an already treat-packed Nintendo Direct - the long-in-the-works shooter has re-emerged with nearly two minutes of gameplay.

Metroid Prime 4: Beyond announcement trailer.Watch on YouTube

Unfolding in the Cosmic Year 20X9 at the Galatic Federation Research Facility (as per the trailer's opening caption), how better to kick things off than with a dramatic entrance from Samus Aran herself? After the toot of a very familiar musical motif, it's straight into the action - Samus blasting and scanning her way across a beautifully desolate alien landscape.

It's certainly a thrilling tease, but we'll have to wait a bit longer until it's finally in our hands; Nintendo has confirmed Metroid Prime 4: Beyond will launch for Switch in 2025 - which immediately raises the question, could it be getting a dual-platform launch alongside Switch 2?

Nintendo, of course, was clear it wouldn't be talking about a Switch successor during today's show, but hopefully we'll learn more about its plans for Metroid Prime 4: Beyond - and that fancy helmeted character at the end of the trailer - before excitement overcomes us all.

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