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Maximo Park DLC for Rock Band

Plus Jimmy Buffett and Disturbed.

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Lounge stars busy rocking out with the new PAL version of Rock Band can look forward to downloadable songs from Jimmy Buffett and Disturbed this week and a song from Maximo Park next Tuesday.

Buffett's "Margaritaville", "Chesseburger In Paradise" and "Volcano" have all been re-recorded for the game by the man himself and will cost the usual 160 Microsoft Points (GBP 1.36 / EUR 1.92) each or 440 MS Points (GBP 3.74 / EUR 5.28) for the trio.

Disturbed's songs have already been given away in Rock Band as part of a promotion with US retailer Best Buy to promote their new album, Indestructible, but this week sees their general release, so you can get "Indestructible", "Inside The Fire" and "Perfect Insanity" for a cut-price 80 MS Points (GBP 0.68 / EUR 0.96) each or 240 MS Points (GBP 2.04 / EUR 2.88).

Those songs will be released today on Xbox Live, according to Harmonix and MTV, while owners of the US PS3 version of Rock Band can grab them as part of this Thursday's PS3 Store update.

Moving onto next week, then, and Microsoft in Europe has revealed that Maximo Park's "Girls Who Play Guitars" will be released on Tuesday, 10th June, as part of the launch of "Xbox 360 Presents Rock Band Live", which is a competition across the UK, France and Germany to give away a week's holiday at the Ibiza Rocks Hotel in Ibiza. Events will be held where people can play songs, make it onto the wall of fame on and then, if MTV and Maximo Park reckon they're any good, could win the prize.

Naturally Xbox 360 Europe's VP Chris Lewis was on hand to explain why this is amazing. "Rock Band on Xbox 360 is going to be the biggest game of the summer," he said, perhaps not a fan of GTA IV or Age of Conan.

"It makes rock stars of you, your friends and family, bringing them together to compete not just for high scores but for the 'stage floor'. With the launch of Xbox 360 Presents Rock Band Live promotion we hope everyone will have a chance to feel like a star, even if only for five minutes."

See whether Rock Band deserves to feel like a star by checking out our Rock Band Xbox 360 PAL edition review.

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