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Mass Effect: Andromeda teaser drops a big hint when the game is set

UPDATE: And that voiceover is Ryder's dad.

UPDATE 2/11/16: Overnight, Mass Effect boss Mac Walters has confirmed a fresh tidbit of information on the voiceover for yesterday's trailer - and fans have been speculating about who's behind that gravelly voice.

Walters has confirmed the teaser is voiced by the father of the two player heroes - the Ryder siblings we've seen in various trailers so far.

The unnamed Daddy Ryder was briefly shown on screen as the N7-wearing figure in one of Andromeda's first trailers.

Independently, fans reckon they have pinned down the vocal chords behind Ryder Sr to US actor Clancy Brown, who has been in everything from Lost to ER and is also a prolific TV and video game voice actor.

UPDATE 1/11/16: A new Mass Effect Andromeda teaser has shone fresh light on when BioWare's upcoming sci-fi RPG might be set.

We knew already that the events of Andromeda would take place after that of the original Mass Effect trilogy, but also separated from its story (and its ending) by taking place in a different galaxy altogether.

Now, today's teaser shows us the game's Ryder sibling heroes looking down on Earth from its Moon, presumably just before leaving.

A voiceover states that the action takes place "600 years from where we stand", which may refer to the amount of time taken to traverse the vast amount of space between the Milky Way and Andromeda (an earlier trailer showed the female Ryder appearing to wake from cryo sleep).

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Looking at a pristine Earth, today's teaser suggests the Ryders will leave the Milky Way before the devastating events of the Reaper war - so, as BioWare has said, Andromeda won't need to acknowledge your choice of Mass Effect 3 ending.

While the possibility remains that we're seeing an Earth which has been fully repaired, this timing would not tally with BioWare's above comment.

BioWare is set to finally lift the curtain on Mass Effect Andromeda in less than a week from now, on 7th November - the franchise's annual N7 Day. Mass Effect Andromeda will then launch in March. Until then, you can read our page rounding up everything we know on Mass Effect Andromeda story, gameplay and its planned release date.

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