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Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit is down to £58

Time for the second lap.

AR-racing spin-off Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit is reduced to £58 at Amazon UK, less than a month after it dropped to £55 back in May.

This time around, though, it's only the Mario Edition that has been given the reduction. It originally started around £55 again today but has been slowly creeping up over the last few hours.

That's almost a 50 percent price cut on the fancy experimental game that launched for £100 in October last year. It was a lot to ask, especially after Martin came away thinking Mario Kart Live is “a glorious toy hemmed in by a few key restrictions” in his review. At closer to £50, though. it could be worth a punt.

As for what you get for your money, each set includes one kart, four cardboard gates, two arrow markers and a USB charging cable. You'll need to download the game software from the Switch eShop and that'll guide you through the setup process.

After that, you'll be able to race against AI opponents around your living room, bedroom or created course of choice. For multiplayer, you'll need to have another set with an additional kart.

Cover image for YouTube videoMario Kart Live Home Circuit Nintendo Switch

As we keep seeing, Mario Kart Live continues to drop in price so it's a good candidate for a Nintendo Switch Black Friday offer later this year if you want to hold off for an even bigger discount.

More immediately, there could be some good Prime Day Nintendo Switch deals on the horizon with that sales event kicking off in just two weeks.

For everything else, we'll be compiling all the best Amazon Prime Day gaming deals right here. You can also pop over to Jelly Deals for more top offers or chuck us a follow on Twitter for regular deals updates.