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Mario + Rabbids now under £30 on Switch

Ubisoft's crossover tactical game hits its lowest price.

To celebrate this week's launch of the brand-new Donkey Kong-themed DLC for Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle on Nintendo Switch, you can currently pick up the base game at its lowest price so far - just shy of £30.

Back in August 2017, Eurogamer's editor Oli Welsh gave the game a Recommended and if you happen to be a fan of turn-based tactics games and you haven't gotten around to picking this one up, you're in for a real treat. Essentially, it's the most colourful XCOM game ever made.

Of course, this week also marks the release of the Gold Edition of Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle, which retails at £49.99 and contains the base game, season pass and Donkey Kong DLC. So you could always go with a copy of that version if you prefer.

Also worth noting, for US readers: Dark Souls Remastered has been given its first discount this week, meaning you can pick up a copy of on either Xbox One or PS4 for $29.99 while stock lasts.

Elsewhere, you can head to Jelly Deals to take a look at the roundup of today's best deals, which includes 15 months of PS Plus for £40, £120 off a bean-to-cup coffee machine, and more. Failing that, you can check out the guide to the best Resident Evil merchandise, too (there's a very fancy jacket in there).

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