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Man's best friend to get own console and games thanks to UK startup

Welcome to the bark side.

There are plans afoot (or should that be, apaw) to introduce a console, complete with its own video games, that is tailored exclusively to dogs. After all, who says man should have all the fun.

The brainchild of the UK-based startup Joipaw, the Joipaw Console will come with a "dog-tailored touchscreen, a height-adjustable stand and an automated treat dispenser." It will run interactive puzzle games, such as a whack-a-mole challenge, that are "constantly new and challenging" for man's best friend (thanks, Axios).

"Add speakers, a microphone and a Full HD camera, and you have the smartest dog tech product to ever hit the market," Joipaw proclaims on the console's reservation page.

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The idea for the Joipaw console started when co-founder Dersim Avdar was looking for a way to keep his dog, Kawet, amused when nobody was at home, and turned to his own love of gaming as a source of inspiration. (Apologies to my own dog Captain, leaving the radio on is the best I can do for now.)

Despite on the surface being a seemingly rather extravagant (or even far-fetched) idea, Avdar soon realised that there are health benefits derived from this sort of canine interaction.

Avdar told Axios he had read about a study that revealed simple touchscreen games actually provided potential cognitive benefits for dogs with ageing brains.

Next, rather than hitting the paws button, Avdar wants to take this study and "[bring] it further", although notes that no game is a replacement for spending quality time with your four-legged friends.

"Our goal with this venture is to push for a better understanding and inclusion of dogs and animals in human societies by showing the world how intelligent they are," Avdar concluded.

Dog of War or a round of Modern Woofare 2 anyone?