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Looks like Titan is coming back to Destiny 2

Season of the Deep teases a familiar face.

Titan, one of Destiny 2's original selection of locations, looks set to make a return to the game.

The ocean moon of Saturn was cruelly cut from Destiny 2 alongside several other destinations back in 2020, as developer Bungie sought to trim the amount of content it had to keep up to date. It was an unpopular decision, and one it has now ceased.

Some of that content has since been re-added, with Titan looking set to make a reappearance in the upcoming Season of the Deep. Here's a quick teaser:

Cover image for YouTube videoDestiny 2: Lightfall - Season of the Deep Teaser Trailer
Destiny 2: Lightfall's Season of the Deep teaser trailer.

As you can see, the action definitely looks to be returning to Titan's watery environment. That's even the voice of long-lost Titan commander Sloane in the background, requesting emergency support.

Sloane was one of several characters left with an uncertain fate as Bungie cut their areas from the game.

In-universe, this change was explained to be the work of the series' infamous pyramid ships, invading the solar system and cutting off contact.

Destiny detailed the fate of many characters being left behind on these worlds in a lore book, which I reported on at the time.

"Alone on Titan, Sloane arms herself for an impossible battle against the Pyramid, and heads on out to confront it single-handed," I wrote back in 2020. "It seems unlikely she will last for long."

But survive she - seemingly - has. Unless this is some kind of recording? I look forward to finding out, as Destiny 2's story rumbles onwards this year ahead of its last major expansion, The Final Shape, due in 2024.