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Bungie to end controversial deletions of older Destiny 2 expansions

The final shape.

Bungie has announced it will ditch its practice of ritually shedding past Destiny 2 expansions.

No content will be lost from expansions from this point forward, Bungie pledged last night during its packed Destiny 2 announcement livestream.

However, the game's fabled Content Vault will still continue to gobble up some stuff, including season content beyond its expansion's launch year.

Cover image for YouTube videoDestiny 2: Lightfall - Reveal Trailer [UK]
Destiny 2: Lightfall's reveal trailer.

Still, the decision not to ditch any further major parts of the game has been welcomed by fans, who previously criticised the practice of deleting parts of the game they had paid for.

"We've also been working on the Destiny engine behind the scenes, preparing our technology and our game to last for many, many years to come," Bungie general manager Justin Truman said last night.

"Destiny 2 is not going anywhere, and neither are your expansions. We want this story, since we first communed with the Darkness on the Moon, to be fully playable from start to finish."

This means that 2019's expansion Shadowkeep will remain as part of Destiny 2 going forward, alongside more recent editions such as 2020's Beyond Light and 2022's The Witch Queen.

Destiny 2 will expand again in February with its Lightfall expansion, before this "saga" of the franchise ends in 2024 with a concluding expansion named The Final Shape.

Bungie previously binned big chunks of its base game, including its main Red War campaign and early DLC such as Curse of the Osiris and Warmind, starting in late 2020. Five destinations, seven strikes, 11 Crucible maps and five raids were cut from the game at this point, in order to provide "technical breathing room".

Then in February this year, Bungie next took out a large chunk of its popular Forsaken expansion, including its campaign (the one where Cayde... you know), plus its Tangled Shore destination. Some of Forsaken stayed, however, including its Dreaming City location.

"I think in the same way we don't want eight raids, it's the same thing with storylines," Truman told Eurogamer previously. "We don't want when a new player enters into Destiny, there's five different competing storylines that they could start playing and in some of them, Uldren's a good guy, and in some of them he's a bad guy, and it's not clear if you're playing them out of order."