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Looks like The Office's Dunder Mifflin is in The Last of Us Part 1

By Scott!

Following its release earlier this month, numerous fans have been sharing their incredible finds in The Last of Us Part 1. This has included small changes within the cinematics to the various interactive props found throughout the game's post-apocalyptic setting.

Now, however, one player has shared what seems to be none other than Dunder Mifflin from NBC's mockumentary The Office tucked away in Part 1.

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As shown in the clip below, you can see Joel taking shelter from his enemies in a seemingly ordinary office. However, on closer inspection, there is something familiar about its layout.

As the narrator explains, you can see what would be the equivalent of Pam's receptionist desk opposite the office's entrance lobby. Meanwhile, off to the side is Michael Scott's office, and there is what appears to be Dwight's desk left in the central area of the main room. Sadly, there doesn't seem to be a stapler in some jelly anywhere.

Regardless, it seems like someone at Naughty Dog was a fan of the escapades that went on at Dunder Mifflin.

This of course could be a coincidence. However, Naughty Dog has rejigged some rooms and areas in this remake to give a more distinctive style - something this appears to show.

If this does indeed turn out to be an homage to The Office, it wouldn't be the first time that the Last of Us team shared their love for a particular TV series in the games' world.

For example, in The Last of Us Part 2, fans can come across the bodies (at least in name) of Supernatural's Jensen Ackles and Misha Collins.

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