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The Last of Us Part 1 players share their impressive in-game discoveries

Spores for thought.

The Last of Us Part 1 released last week for the PlayStation 5.

Being a from-the-ground remake for the current generation of consoles - and given Naughty Dog's reputation for attention to detail - everyone assumed that this release would be full of new improvements and fun inclusions along with the core gameplay.

Now, these assumptions have been proven true, with The Last of Us Part 1's community sharing some of their recent discoveries online. Please note there will be spoilers for The Last of Us Part 1 in the article below.

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First up, one Twitter user noted that Naughty Dog uses objects to give players more of Joel's backstory.

When looking round his house, you will be able to find medication for blood pressure and gastric ulcers. In addition to these bottles, you will also be able to find anti-anxiety medication on Joel's side table.

Further into the story, players will see Joel and Tess presenting their passports to the military in the quarantine zone. These are actually fully fleshed out documents, revealing Joel's birthday is September 24, 1981, making him 52 in The Last of Us Part 1.

Meanwhile, Tess' full name is revealed to be Theresa Servopoulos.

Joel's birthday and Tess' full name can be seen here (via FARAH).Watch on YouTube

Players have also noticed that Joel is able to weigh himself on some scales that can be found in the game. Just so you know, he weighs about 200lbs.

In addition to these more humorous inclusions, there are also some new details that can come in very handy.

For example, mirrors in The Last of Us Part 1 can be used to see round corners, as shown below.

Outside of these new 'prop' details, there have also been some small cinematic changes made in this version of The Last of Us.

As noted by Sir_MoonDoggy, in the remake Tess will actually point her gun at Ellie once she realises that she is infected. This is something she did not do in previous versions of the game.

Meanwhile, another player has applauded the water physics, remarking that bodies striking the water after being hit create a different effect to that of regular footfall.

Then, of course, there is the matter of those bodies.

One player has shared a close up from the game, showing that the glass from a bottle can be seen lodged inside an enemies face after they have been struck by the projectile.

Others have taken to Reddit to commend the seamless transition between The Last of Us Part 1's cutscenes and gameplay.

Finally, for now at least, there is the camera itself.

As noted by SixThingsIHate, "It gets smudges, wet and blood splatters on it, and it automatically adjusts itself during takedowns and shakes to make everything more visceral".

Earlier this week players began speculating that Naughty Dog has left a clue about its new IP hidden in The Last of Us Part 1. This conversation began after several fantasy-inspired posters were seen adorning the game's walls, leading many to believe that this will be a theme for the developer's future games.