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Fable II gets bug-fixing patch

It's paving the way for tomorrow's DLC.

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Lionhead has finally popped out a Fable II patch to clean up a variety of minor niggles and bugs, according to the official community site.

The title update addresses problems such as the unresponsive Abbot in Oakfield, the temperamental Guild Cave chest, your children being picked as assassination targets and the level of stock in the Bowerstone furniture shop.

All of which clears the way rather nicely for the brand new Knothole Island downloadable content arriving tomorrow, priced at 800 Microsoft Points (GBP 6.80 / EUR 9.60).

To prepare adventurers, Lionhead has updated the Tales of Albion website with a brief summary of the four main areas on Knothole Island: Village, Winter Shrine, Summer Shrine and Storm Shrine. And within these, of course, are plenty more quests to best, items to horde and cockney characters to chat with.

Alongside Knothole Island there will also be a sprinkling of freebies, including Knight's Boots, Assassins Gloves, a special Weight Loss Potion and a collectible silver book. There's a premium theme for the Xbox 360 dashboard, too, if you like that sort of thing.

Stomp over to our Fable II gamepage for associated shots and videos.

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