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Life is Strange: True Colors comic picks the right ending to continue

Novel idea.

Life is Strange: Forget-Me-Not cover art showing main character Alex Chen.
Image credit: Titan Comics

One of the many optional endings in Life is Strange: True Colors will be expanded upon in upcoming graphic novel Life is Strange: Forget-Me-Not.

Forget-Me-Not launches its first issue in December, and picks up a year after the events of True Colors. A four-issue collection of the series will become available in June next year.

If you're yet to play True Colors - which launched two years ago, back in September 2021 - then beware, the following article discusses the different paths main character Alex Chen can take at the game's conclusion.

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At the end of True Colors, players can decide to stay in its small town setting of Haven and put down roots, or alternatively leave it behind - alone, or with one of the game's two love interests.

Forget-Me-Not chooses the option where Alex leaves Haven, with fan-favourite D&D-loving sidekick Steph alongside her. It's the option which made most narrative sense for me - and the one I picked - as Alex's rocky time in Haven felt like it had reached a natural conclusion.

The action resumes a year later, with Alex and Steph now in a band and on tour. While on the road, the duo pick up a teenage stranger named Lily who has her own special powers and issues to uncover.

Forget-Me-Not is written by UK comic talent Zoe Thorogood and drawn by Claudia Loenardi and Andrea Izzo, who worked on the official graphic novel continuation of the original Life is Strange (showing what happened next after the first game's "Bae" ending).

There's no word yet on what's next for Life is Strange in the world of video games, though Before the Storm developer Deck Nine is currently busy working with Telltale Games on its episodic tie-in series based on The Expanse.

Last year, Life is Strange: True Colors was expanded with a novel, Steph's Story, that acted as a prequel to the game.

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