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Lego Super Mario universe gets new sets this January

Looks Peachy.

There will soon be more Super Mario sets to add to your burgeoning Lego collection.

This January, Lego and Nintendo will launch a host of new character and expansion sets. Before we go into more detail about each, you can enjoy the new trailer for these upcoming releases below.

Let's-a-go, Lego!Watch on YouTube

Now to the details. First of all, Mario fans will be able to get their hands on Series 6 of the collectible Mario Character Packs.

These will set you back £4.99 each, with a total of eight characters to collect - Birdo, a Green Toad, an Ice Bro, a Bramball, two Cat Goombas in one pack, a Blooper (with three baby Bloopers), a Sumo Bro and a Spike.


Next up is Conkdor's Noggin Bopper Expansion Set.

This set is £12.99 and features a buildable enemy Conkdor figure. "Jump on the trigger and avoid the Conkdor's big beak and long neck as it attacks, then stomp on its head to defeat it. Leap on the springboard to make the Conkdor rise again," reads its description.


The Ice Mario Suit and Frozen World Expansion Set will cost £19.99. This comes with a new suit for Mario (but no figure), as well as figures of a Cooligan and a Goomba.

Meanwhile, the "buildable blue ice plate [will] trigger skating sounds from Lego Mario when he 'skates' on it." There is also a "launcher to send the Cooligan flying into a brick-built ice block - when the ice block is smashed, the Goomba is revealed."

Ice, ice, baby.

Keeping with the icy theme, another set coming in January is the Fliprus Snow Adventure Expansion, which will cost £59.99.

This set will allow buyers to add an "exciting ice level" to their Lego Mario experience. The Fliprus Snow Adventure Expansion will add the option to "defeat a Red Koopa Troopa, Freezie and a Fliprus, skate on 'ice', warm up by the 'fire' and give a hidden fruit element to the baby penguin as a gift" (whether you throw the baby penguin of the side of any Lego mountains you build is your call...).

A winter wonderland.

Next on the list is the Creativity Toolbox Maker Set, which is £54.99.

This is a collection of pieces such as "buildable trees, flowers, mountains, mushrooms, pyramids, a Checkpoint Flag and more" for you to embellish your Mario builds with.

To your creation stations!

Lastly, we have the Lava Wave Ride Expansion Set, which will cost £29.99. This will allow you to build a "red-hot level" in your Mario world. It features an "oscillating lava wave with a Lava Lift" for your Mario, Luigi or Peach figures (although these are sold separately from this pack).

What did one volcano say to the other? I lava you!

Most of these sets will be available from 1st January (some, such as the character pack, did not have a date listed next to them yet), and can be viewed on the Lego website.

So, does anything there take your fancy? I am currently debating buying my son the Lego Mighty Bowser model for Christmas, and by 'my son' I mean me and by 'Christmas' I mean right now as I take various screenshots for the purpose of this article...

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