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League of Legends attracts more than 100m players every month


League of Legends has now surpassed 100m active players per month.

Brandon Beck and Marc Merrill, who co-founded League of Legends developer Riot Games back in 2006, rarely discuss player counts anymore, having declined to share them for the last couple of years. This, however, is one hell of a landmark.

To give you some incredible context, the planet's entire population is currently thought to be around 7.4 billion people. If Riot's numbers are correct, this means more than one per cent of the human race is regularly playing its game.

"It's hard to parse, but at the end of the day, those things don't even feel real," Beck told Polygon. "The coolest thing is actually when we're at the live events and get to meet fans face to face. Only then does it start to feel real. Otherwise, they're just numbers on a screen all over the world."

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Polygon's look at the past, present and future of Riot Games is well worth a read, by the way. As we discovered earlier this year, it takes an incredible studio to make the biggest game in the world.

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