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Kynseed, from ex-Fable devs, leaves Early Access next month

"The game we’ve always dreamed of making".

Kynseed, the life sim RPG from ex-Fable developers, is soon to be released out of Early Access.

The full game will launch on PC on 6th December.

It's been developed by PixelCount Studios, comprising veterans of the Fable series, and chaired by Games Workshop founder Sir Ian Livingstone.

Kynseed - Release Date RevealWatch on YouTube

The game is a life sim, including staples of the genre: farming, raising a family, running a business, and exploring a vast world full of secrets.

When the player character dies, control passes on to their children for an inter-generational story.

"Kynseed is the game we've always dreamed of making," said PixelCount Co-Founder Neal Whitehead. "When Charlie and I first met we were united by our shared passion for the kind of quirky, unique and very British adventures we were able to develop together with the team at Lionhead, and we're certain we're not alone.

"Over the last few years working on Kynseed we've seen our Early Access community grow to more 100,000 players. We're looking forward to opening the land of Quill to even more players, and we can promise launch day won't be the end of this tale..."

Kynseed Henge Gateway
Kynseed player character in grassy lush area

"When I first discovered Kynseed, I immediately wanted to find out more about the team behind it," said Sir Ian Livingstone. "I reached out to Neal and Charlie in 2020 and learned that they were former members of the Fable team at Lionhead. To my mind, Kynseed was a game with incredible potential, and I wanted to help them bring their vision to the world.

"There is so much to do when playing Kynseed, from exploring, questing, foraging, farming, and crafting to thrilling combat with strange creatures. The combat alone deserves to be a game in itself! I hope people will enjoy Neal and Charlie's beautifully-crafted game because what they have developed is something rather special."

Kynseed is available to pre-order now on Steam.

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