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Konami apologises for PES 2014 Xbox 360 online issues

Working closely with Microsoft to solve problem.

PES 2014 players continue to struggle to play the game online - particularly on Xbox 360 - and now Konami has publicly apologised for the on-going trouble.

In a note to press sent this morning, Konami promised that fixes for the online functionality of the Xbox 360 version of the football game are in the works.

The problem rears its head when you try to install the Data Pack 1.00, which is required for online play, having installed Patch 1.01. Doing so on Xbox 360 often throws up a "Download File is Broken" message around the 50 per cent complete mark.

Konami said it was "working closely" with Microsoft to solve this issue.

Meanwhile, Konami is working to "address a range of feedback" from all users of all versions. An update will be released shortly that adds new features, including the 11v11 mode.

"We would like to apologise to any users who have been unable to enjoy PES2014 online and would like to reassure fans we'll be fixing the issue as quickly as possible" Konami Digital Entertainment President Shinji Hirano said.

"In the meantime we're setting up a special section on the PES 2014 site to keep users up to date on issues, feedback and general help with the product. Our customer support team is also providing as much personal support as possible."