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Kaz Hirai to keynote Tokyo Game Show

"New Strategy, 2009" apparently.

Sony Computer Entertainment boss Kaz Hirai will be delivering this year's Tokyo Game Show keynote address, the organisers have announced (thanks Kotaku).

According to the website (well, according to Google Translate), the name of the session is something along the lines of "New Strategy, 2009". It starts at 10.30am on 24th September.

The organisers have allotted two hours for this, but at least part of the time will be given over to a strategy chat between various Japanese publishing executives from the likes of Capcom and Square Enix.

This year's Tokyo Game Show takes place between 24th and 27th September and we'll be out there as usual with one of Ellie's fabled live text reports to give you some insight into what Hirai's saying. And wearing. And if anything he's doing is relevant to decrepit eighties TV shows only Ellie watched, most likely.